Construction is underway towards a dramatic transformation of Maggie Daley Park. When complete, the new park will have a distinctive presence that will delight Chicagoans and visitors with signature elements like rock-climbing sculptures, an ice-skating ribbon, and play garden.
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Construction Update, 11/12/2012
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Construction is well underway in Maggie Daley Park.
Tree removal and tree salvage operation are completed for the project as well as the installation of the site erosion control measures and the removal of the playground. The removal and salvage of the existing light poles and fixtures continues. Tennis court removal and skating rink removal is also in progress in Daley Bicentennial.
The topsoil removal in Peanut Park is complete and has begun in Daley Bicentennial. Approximately 8,000 cubic yards of topsoil has been stockpiled in Peanut Park to date. Following the completion of the topsoil removal, the subsoil will be removed in quadrants to expose the roof of the garage structure for repairs.
Upcoming construction work planned for the next month includes the continued removal of the existing light poles, the removal of the tennis courts and skating rink as well as the continued topsoil removal from Daley Bicentennial to the staging area within Peanut Park.
The Park District has awarded the first phase of the Maggie Daley Park construction to James McHugh Construction
Company. Construction began mid-October 2012.
Construction fence is installed around the perimeter of Daley Bicentennial and Peanut Park. Removal is in progress of the above-ground features such as benches, pavement, play equipment, trees and other site features. Soil removal will occur next in the construction sequence. The soil will be removed from above the roof of the garage parking structure and stored at Peanut Park for re-use. Once the soil removal is completed, concrete repairs to the garage and concrete foundations will begin for the new park elements like the play garden and rock climbing walls.
At the completion of Phase I, the garage operator will waterproof the entire garage structure followed by the Park District beginning its second phase of construction. Phase II includes the full re-development of the park. Substantial completion for the entire project is anticipated in Winter 2014, with additional spring plantings in Spring 2015.