Where is “Maggie Daley Park”?
The sections of Grant Park commonly known as Daley Bicentennial Plaza, Cancer Survivors Garden, and Peanut Park together make up “Maggie Daley Park”. Maggie Daley Park is bordered on the west by Columbus Drive, the north by Randolph Street, the south by Monroe Drive, and the east by Lake Shore Drive. It is connected to Millennium Park by the BP Bridge.
What is the goal of this project?
The Chicago Park District’s goal for this project is to create a dynamic, sustainable, multi-functional park that reaches out to the local neighborhood as well as the larger Chicago community and tourist population.
Why is it necessary to tear up the existing park?
Daley Bicentennial Plaza sits on the roof of the underground Millennium Lakeside Garage (formerly known as East Monroe Garage) in Grant Park. The parking garage is in need of repair, requiring complete removal of the Plaza. The Park District is using this opportunity to take a fresh look at the design for all of Maggie Daley Park.
Who will be designing the new park?
The landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. from Brooklyn, NY.
What will the new park design look like?
The park design and program will be determined through a design process that includes public input. To find out about opportunities to give public input, or to see the latest images of the park design, go to the “Look” section of the website.
Will the new design include activities for all seasons?
A goal of the project is to design the park to be attractive and engaging not only during summer, but also during the spring, fall, and winter seasons.
What is the project schedule?
Construction will begin in October 2012 with the current schedule projecting completion in Winter 2014 and some final plantings in Spring 2015.