Construction continues at Maggie Daley Park after making great progress during the winter months.
Soil removal is on-going, with the northern half of the garage nearly cleared. To date, 52,000 CY of fill and 21,000 CY of topsoil have been stockpiled in Peanut Park. Removal of the ice rink and concrete walkways on the northern half of the site was also completed this month. Concrete cutting and removals have begun at the existing vents and field house walls receiving modification.
Upcoming construction activity includes the continuing removal of subsoil, removal of the remaining tennis courts, and the installation of new concrete foundations for the future site improvements.
Construction Update, 01/31/2013
January 31, 2013
Construction is continuing at Maggie Daley Park throughout the winter.
All topsoil removal has been completed in Peanut Park and in Daley steel_constructionBicentennial Plaza. Subsoil removal is 50% complete in Daley Bi. To date, 21,000 cubic yards of topsoil and 38,000 cubic yards of subsoil have been removed and are being stockpiled in Peanut Park for future reuse. Tennis court removal is 50% complete as well as the existing waterproofing system over the garage deck.
Forthcoming construction activities will include the continuing removal of the subsoil, the remaining tennis courts, existing concrete and waterproofing system.
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